Will the Kansas City Chiefs be able to slow down Keenan Alle

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Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen has been on a dominant streak over the past four games. Will the Kansas City Chiefs have an answer for him?[img]http://www.seahawksprosales.com/images/12th Fan Men s Elite Navy Green Jers 1586.jpg[/img]Whenever there is a game against the Los http://www.authenticcowboysprostores.com/emmitt-smith-c-1_24.html Angeles Chargers coming up, most fans tend to be discussing the matchup between Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen and Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters. The nightmares from week 1 of James Van Riemsdyk Womens Jersey 2016 when Allen was getting the best of Peters before going down with a season-ending injury. Are these nightmares of Allen warranted?Allen, whos sustained Le'Veon Bell Youth Jersey a couple injuries keeping him from playing a full http://www.mediart360.com/joe-montana-jersey-c-1_27.html season the http://www.officialcowboysshops.com/emmitt-smith-jersey-c-1_8.html last two years, he is having the best season of his career. After defeating the Washington Redskins this past Sunday, he passed his previous high receiving yards in one season. Hes currently number Alejandro Villanuevas Jersey Womens five in the NFL in most receiving yards and averaging 87.9 yards per game.There are multiple traits that Allen owns which make him extremely difficult to scheme for. One of the first things I noticed when going back and watching his last four games and the week 3 game against the Chiefs, was his ability to create separation at the line of scrimmage. For a big bodied receiver, 6-foot-2 and 211 pounds, he has great quickness after the snap and great moves to shake off cornerbacks.No matter the coverage, press or zone, Allen finds ways to get open and makes it look easy in the process. The two moves I saw him utilize the most when in press coverage were his hesitation and then suddenly burst to throw the cornerback off and his stutter step making the corner jump in one direction while he takes off in the other pushing the cornerbacks hands off of him. Its very rare for a receiver his size to have the quickness that he has.Allens stutter step and quick change of directions dont just work against press coverage at the line of scrimmage. It also works against cornerbacks playing off coverage. Watch this play below where Allen leaves Bills cornerback TreDavious White absolutely stunned.http://cguniverse.net/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=14631
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BeitragVerfasst am: 28.09.2018, 09:12    Titel: http://www.radioxtreme.fr Antworten mit Zitat
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Mais cela ne signifie Chaussures Nike Sportswear France En Ligne Soldes pas qu'une telle tragdie ne se reproduise pas. Par consquent, nous devons garder l'esprit nos responsabilits sociales, assumer nos responsabilits, Balenciaga Speed Trainer Knit Sock Unisexe Sneakers Rouge Blanc Chaussures De Course Balenciaga prendre en charge le dveloppement social comme responsabilit et ouvrir une nouvelle voie de dveloppement social. La nouvelle Chine, que les anciens ont chang contre leur chaise et leur sang, ne doit pas tre dtruite. Ils vont "lire au coeur de la Chine pour l'essor de la Chine". Et battez-vous pour cela!

Avoir un sens de Acheter Louboutin Chaussures en ligne Transparent Balck la responsabilit sociale est galement ce que nous devons avoir. Prenons exemple de la Grce, le pays plus touch par la crise financire europenne. La raison en est que les Grecs sont paresseux, mais ils ne sont pas compatibles avec le pays de destination. et ils doivent aider faire glisser la crise travers d'autres pays. Black Louboutin pumps 160mm serpent d'eau On peut voir que la responsabilit sociale est une priorit absolue pour le pays.

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Les fleurs sont des produits pour la floraison, Christian Louboutin Pas Cher l'aigle est libre cause du vol et de la mre patrie est gnial la cause des jeunes!
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