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During my coaching career, I have been dealing with traders who have been entering the market in search of wealth and money, and most have been saving this money for some time.
This is good, but before you start your journey of sorrow, I'll say something straightforward, you're mentally hit on this market ... the more you can get the capital you have put in this way. Ignore these inconveniences to make it easier for you to take a profit.
Each person is mentally and emotionally sensitive to the loss of this money, the likelihood of his loss is greater.
Well, you choose your favorite trading system.
You test it well.
Ultimately you like it.
You will argue for the worst kind. "With the capital I have, the maximum loss should be x USD, and in order to lose my total capital, I have to have 20 of these losses in succession."

This will never happen.

Experienced traders laugh at reading this account and book. Because with this type of calculation, the chances of success and durability in the market are almost zero.

It's like having someone take his chips at the gambling table ...
One who is more concerned with his chips is afraid, and you know what it means to be afraid of losing money.
The money pours into secure pockets. And this is the point in this exercise. If you really believe that "the money that went away is gone, and at least I know that it has no impact on my life" you can be successful on this market.
I do not mean that you have unbridled feelings about winning or losing. My point is that any loss of money will make you more emotionally disappointed, your chances of success in this market are low.
The trading market (Forex, Futures, Option ....) ideally should be part of a variety of other ventures.شركه فوركس
Many of the novice traders I have been dealing with were those who were in debt and were looking for a way out of this situation.
When you enter the market, your coach tells you that there are also $ 3,000, but only for the brave and fortunate people.
But not for everyone. Why?
The money we lose from his loss.
To succeed, your attention should be on the process, not every victory or failure alone, you should look at the prospect as a career.
Ultimately, your way of working and your mental system should be in such a way that you follow the conviction of your system.
As your capital decreases and the gradual penetration of fear, your belief weakens.توصيات الفوركس
When your system shows you a green light, you hang on to get your position, or if you close your bargain sooner, your lamp will be dimmed and eventually turn off after blaming the market. .
If you want to work with a demo account, you need to stay calm to succeed in order to succeed if you are to come up and then enter the real market or have enough money to take risks.
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