The Ravens moved a step closer

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to the postseason with Saturday night’s 22-10 win over the Chargers in safety Eric Weddle‘s first game against his first NFL team.Weddle and the rest of the defense made life difficult for Weddle’s former teammate Philip Rivers and the Chargers offense White Philip Rivers Jerseys , which led to a question after the game about whether the Ravens could make a run at a Super Bowl title.“Honestly, why not? What do we do? We play great defense,” Weddle said on NFL Network after the game. “We control the ball on offense. We play great special teams. Why can’t you win playoff football? That’s the ingredients to win. Anyone has a chance. If we get in the tournament Philip Rivers Jerseys 2019 , we have as a good a shot as anybody. I know for a fact no wants to see us. I know that.”There’s a chance that the Ravens could miss the playoffs even if they win next week, but beating the Browns will make it likely that someone will have to tangle with Weddle and his teammates in January. Fred Roggin apparently didn’t get the memo.The KNBC-TV sports anchor in L.A. has teased a Monday bombshell regarding the relationship between the Rams and the Chargers, who will begin sharing a new stadium in 2020. (And by “sharing White Antonio Gates Jerseys ,” we mean it’s the Rams’ stadium and the Chargers will be tenants there.)Roggin tweeted on Saturday that “[m]ultiple sources confirm there is friction” in the partnership, “and the Chargers may not be pulling their share.” Roggin calls it “a serious issue.”It’s no secret that the Chargers have yet to resonate in L.A. Last year, the Chargers revised their PSL target from $400 million to $150 million. At some point Antonio Gates Jerseys 2019 , the local lack of interest in making the financial commitment necessary to purchase season tickets will impact the broader calculation that made the concept of a shared venue viable on paper.Now, the Chargers may be looking at an inability to come up with the paper money necessary to pay the rent.Whatever the specifics, they’ll apparently emerge on Monday. Unless Roggin accelerates his timetable from removing the sheet from his story. And that may be a good idea; after all White Kellen Winslow Jerseys , once the cat is out of the bag in #scooptown, someone else may come along and catch it.
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